6 Of The Best Keto Recipes This Christmas

With winter in full effect and Christmas just round the corner we are usually thinking of all of the wonderful foods we can have as we gather together. The chefs and the bakers in us usually come out to make some of our best loved Christmassy foods and also new recipes. 

Maybe this Christmas is the first one you've had whilst on the keto diet or maybe you just want some inspo. We have put together six delicious recipes to light up the Christmas table or to keep you warm on the lead up to the magical day. 

1.  Creamy Courgettes & Roasted Tomatoes

This dish would be a great side to your roast dinner, or even a lovely main if you or any family members are vegan. The flavours are great and who doesn't love courgettes!? They give some great texture and flavours and are available all year round.

2. Peanut Butter Chicken Stew

Peanut stews are a familiar dish in West African. This easy chicken version is a delicious one to try as a keto friendly meal. Somewhere between a hearty casserole and a curry, this comforting one-pot is packed with tender chicken, and creamy coconut milk, cooked in a spiced peanut butter sauce.

3. Curried Cauliflower Soup

Soups are always a great way to go in the winter months. This creamy vegan curried cauliflower soup with coconut milk, is infused with Indian spices, ginger and lime. It's so simple to make and is also healthy and delicious. We, here at KetoKeto love this recipe so we're sure you will too!

Let's get on to some desserts...

4. Keto Brownie Puddings

We all love a brownie, especially a Keto one! There's something so great about creating a well loved dessert in a slightly different way. Bake these keto brownies in ceramic pots make for a more Christmassy and special feel. 

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5. Baked Banana Cinnamon Donuts

We have loved making these keto friendly donuts so much. They have such a good texture and eating a donut never felt more healthy whilst still so delicious! They're not your average donut that's for sure but if your up for being a bit adventurous and trying something new then this is the recipe for you.

The cinnamon spices make us feel all the Christmas feels. Pair it up with a warm hot coco and you have the perfect cosy combo.

6. Choc Orange Hazelnut Cups

Now this is definitely one you want to put on the Boxing Day spread to wow your friends and family with. They are simple but effective. Who said keto would be boring?

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of Keto friendly meals and desserts to try this Christmas season. Keto is never dull if you have the right recipes!  

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