Vegan Cheese Crunch Puffs

If you love to eat crisps but are conscious of the carbs, these could well be the answer. Our Crunch Puffs have less than 4.8g of net carbs per serving and have no sugar in their seasoning. They are low in calories (70 per serving), gluten free, high in protein and high in fibre. An ideal snack for the more relaxed keto goer, snacking on these mid-afternoon could help cut the cravings whilst keeping you under your daily carbohydrate target.

Be warned - they come in 80g share bags, so be sure to spread those servings!

Contains 10 x 80g bags (4.5 servings per bag)

  • Only £2.19 per bag
  • Contains 10 x 80g share bags
  • 4.5 servings per bag
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4.8g Net Carbs

Helping you keep your carbs low during the day

Low in Calories

70 per serving

Because calories still play a big part in our overall health

Sugar Free

No hidden sugar in our seasoning or ingredients

High in Protein

Important for controlling insulin and contributing to weight loss

High in Fibre & Gluten Free

Added benefits that contribute to overall health

Plant Based

An added bonus for anyone looking for a plant based option

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Why they work so well…


Great with as an afternoon snack, especially when you're craving something crispy and crunchy!


KetoKeto is perfect as a way to break your fast or to have as a snack in your window of eating.

On the go

Grab some KetoKeto Crunch Puffs on the move to help you not slip up with your diet during the day.

Flexible Keto

A perfect low carb option for when you're being flexible with Keto and alllowing a few more carbs here and there.

Like no other

Like no other
Like no other

30% less carbohydrates than other puff or crisps

High carbohydrate content from potato and corn based ingredients

4.5g Net Carbs per serving

+10g Net Carbs per serving

High in protein, an essential for weight loss

Low protein content mostly carbohydrate

Low in Calories, only 70 per serving

High in Calories

Gluten free and high in fibre

Low in fibre

Got Questions?

I am looking for a Keto Snack, why would I choose yours?

Our Keto Bars are made from only natural ingredients and have been developed to be purposely high in fat, low in carbohydrate and low protein. This is not just a protein bar, claiming keto. We worked hard to develop a bar that was natural, vegan and one that wouldn't kick you out of ketosis!

Many protein chocolate bars on the market claim to be Keto, are they?

Yes we have noticed that many protein bars have tried to jump on the keto train. Unfortunately many people experience bad results from them as they are full of artificial sugars which have an adverse effect on blood sugar levels; and as a result kick them out of ketosis. Our bars are low in net carbs but also low in carbohydrate as a whole and we feel it will leave you feeling more satisfied than your average protein bar!

Why did you make it vegan?

We recognised that there was a need for a vegan Keto bar out there in the big wide world. Not only for those who are vegan, but also for non-vegans alike. Sometimes it's nice to have a break from all the heavy animal product foods, especially when on a keto diet and have something a little more.. well plant-based!

Why are your bars a little crumbly?

Many health bars on the market are bound tight with dry fruit or sugary syrups; all things not ideal for keto. In fact some bars use these syrups as a binding agent, to avoid declaring them in their nutrition. We refused to do this. We wanted our bars to be keto first, so we only use nuts and seeds to bind our product together. Yes they are crumbly, but they taste great and will keep you keto!

Will it kick me out of ketosis?

The big question! Glad you asked. Whilst we cannot guarantee it won't kick you out of ketosis, we can certainly say strongly from all our tests that there is a very high chance it won't!. Everybody's body is different and it all depends when you eat these bars, at what time of day and what with? We recommend trying and measuring. Because they are a good filling snack, you may also want to split them in half over the day. But in a nutshell, we are confident it won't kick you out of ketosis.

What Sweeteners do you use in your bars?

As of July 2020 we will be improving our recipe even further. Currently we use xylitol as our sweetener of choice. It has little impact on blood sugar levels and will help you stay in Keto. From July 2020 we have reduced the amount of xylitol we use and are now using erythritol. Research shows erythritol has no impact on blood sugar levels and many now claim it to be the best sweetener to use on a keto diet. The new recipe should be available from July 15th 2020.

You product says it's high in fat, isn't that a bad thing?

This comes down to really understanding the keto diet and the keto lifestyle and the important role fats play in a person's diet. Healthy fats from natural ingredients such as nuts are so good for you and can help not only to lose weight but to feel much better about yourself.