Vegan Cheese Crunch Puffs

Vegan Cheese Crunch Puffs Vegan Cheese Crunch Puffs

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Vegan Cheese

10 x 80g

Keto-friendly, low-carb Crunch Puff crisps that help satisfy those crisp cravings whilst keeping track of how many carbohydrates, calories and protein you consume each day.  

Easy to pick up and hard to put down, these crisps make the perfect afternoon or evening snack.

These 80g bags are perfect for sharing with friends and family, so go ahead and share that love! 

  • Only 4.8g of total carbs per 18g serving (4.5 Servings per bag)
  • Vegan and Gluten Free 
  • High in Protein and Fibre
  • 30% less carbs than other healthy crisps on the market!
  • Only 69 Calories per 18g Serving
£19.95 £21.95

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Low Carb, High Protein

We have to admit, we love crisps. I mean really love them! And we can’t tell you how much we miss them when doing Keto. So much so, we had to go make our own. We created KetoKeto Crunch Puffs to not only be low-carb, but to be low in calories too.

No added sugar
High in
Per serving
No added
No added soya
High in
Good fats

What are Net Impact Carbs?

Net (digestible) carbs are broken down into individual sugar units and absorbed into your bloodstream. However, your body processes sugar alcohols differently than digestible carbs and they have little impact on blood sugar.

The sugar alcohols we use in KetoKeto have little impact on blood sugar and insulin. This is why our net impact carbs are so low and perfect for Keto!


Can I eat the whole bag?

Well, you could but if you're following a ketogenic diet then we suggest a serving portion of 18g. This is because every persons ketogenic limits are slightly different. To best support you on your Keto journey we want our products to not only help you kick those cravings, supply you with that desired crunch but also keep you in ketosis. This means that keeping to an 18g serving (although we know this hard, we believe in you!) will enable you to enjoy these great crisps on Keto and also stick to your goals. Plus everyone knows buying a sharing bag means you get more crunch for your money ;)

Are these good for Keto?

Our Crunch Puffs have been formulated to support the Keto diet by being low in net carbs and high in fibre and protein. As part of a balanced Keto diet, our crunch puffs can enjoyed as part of your lunch, dinner or just as a snacking treat. They make a great low carb alternative to other crisps brands, great for taking to the movies or for that box set you've been meaning to watch this weekend.

Are these Gluten Free?

Yes, Crunch Puffs are naturally gluten free and even the teeny tiny amount of 'wheat maltodextrin' used in the flavouring for vegan cheese has been de-glutenified!

I noticed there is sugar in your ingredients for your Crunch Puffs, isn’t this bad on Keto?

We certainly agree that as much as possible, sugar should be avoided on the Keto diet. As we developed these crisps we tried many types of alternative sweeteners in our seasonings and found many compromised the taste of the product, especially when it came to texture and giving it that crisp-like crunch we all miss so much. Many alternatives softened the crisp and left it with a poor final product. So as we continued to develop the crisps we made a decision to allow a tiny, tiny amount of sugar in the seasoning so that the product didn’t compromise on taste and whilst keeping the total carbohydrates of the product low, between 5 and 6 grams. We felt for many of our customer base doing Keto, less than 1g of sugar per serving, in the case of one flavour, less that 0.3g would be not disrupt their daily carb limit and allow them to enjoy this treat of a snack without falling off the wagon completely. Our Crunch Puffs are designed to be a low carb, Keto friendly alternative which gives people a chance to have something crunchy day to day and when they do feel like splashing out on the weekend (by eating the whole bag) they need not feel so bad. We recognise that for the more stricter Keto-ers out there this might not be a suitable choice, however from listening to feedback from our customers we feel we have developed a crunchy snack that many have been missing; helping them to watch their carb intake and their calories all at the same time.

Are Crunch Puffs fried?

Crunch Puffs are Baked! Lighter and Healthier all round.

Are Crunch Puffs vegan?

Yes they sure are. All KetoKeto products are certified Vegan by the Vegan Society.

What is the recommended serving size?

We recommend an 18g serving size. This is the perfect size for a snack pot to take with you on the go, or add to your lunch and even your kids lunch boxes as a healthy alternative to regular crisps.