The Best Keto Articles To End 2023

We're drawing near to the end of the year. With Christmas fast approaching we will be enjoying time spent with family and friends, relaxing (hopefully!) and eating lots of good grub. But we can't let our keto diet fall behind.

Let's continue to put our health first this season whilst we look at some great articles to help us understand more about the keto diet and its health benefits.

1. Fasting On A Ketogenic Diet and The Best Ways To Break It

Maybe you've been fasting and now is the time you need to break the fast. Read here for how you should end a period of not eating. Look no further, we have all the what, hows and best tips for you to to approach fasting while on Keto.

2. The 6 Best Vitamins and Supplements On Keto

You’ve realised Keto is the best diet plan for you, but you have doubts about the nutrients you could miss out on. Afterall, Keto removes food groups from your diet that you’ve been used to, and that you’ve been led to believe are important for your body to function.

Your body is also familiar with fuelling itself through carbohydrates and sugar. Getting your energy from fat instead will be a big shift - one that could be a challenge to begin with.

Some Keto-ers suffer with ‘Keto Flu’ symptoms when they first transition to this way of eating. So you would really like to know - how can you make the change to Keto without the unwanted side effects.

We’ve outlined the most important vitamins and supplements to support your transition to Keto, along with the best ones to keep you feeling great with Keto long-term.

3. Feeling tired and burnt out? Here’s how the keto diet can help...

Feeling drained and burnt out is not uncommon. Despite eating well, most of us feel tired, lethargic, exhausted, confused, non-productive and sleepy at some point in the daytime. Perhaps, it could have negative effects on our daily lives at the workplace and home.

Many of us rely on caffeine and energy drinks to boost alertness and energy, but it just can’t be a permanent solution, not a healthy way to get that much needed boost. So, is there a more healthy way of keeping energy levels up?

In this article we discuss the keto diet, as an approach that can help you find prolonged and sustainable energy levels, boosting fitness and alertness by simply modifying your eating habits.

4. Is Keto The Answer To Chronic Inflammation?

Usually we think of inflammation as a negative thing we’d rather stay clear of, especially where it relates to our health.  We’re aware too much inflammation causes pain and illness - it’s the explanation behind almost every prevalent disease that hinders people today. 

But what exactly is inflammation and why does it pose a risk to our health?  Can it be reduced or even healed altogether?  Research has shown eating specific foods can have a significant impact on inflammation and its contribution to disease.  These are meaningful findings that have far-reaching consequences for those suffering with long-term inflammation-related disease.  

Is there a seemingly miraculous cure, and could it be as simple as changing your diet?

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5. Are there any anti-cancer benefits to following a ketogenic diet?

According to the Cancer Research UK report of 2016-18, nearly 400,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in the UK. The most common cancers in the UK include breast, prostate, lung, and bowel cancers.

Undoubtedly, advanced medicine has discovered various medicinal and surgical strategies to suppress cancers growth and recurrence. Amongst the breakthroughs in anti-cancer strategies, the one that has recently grabbed substantial consideration in controlling the growth of various cancers is through dietary modification: including the keto diet.

Yes, you have heard right! The Keto diet, adjunct with anti-cancer treatment, has shown tremendous success in preventing various cancers. A nutrition led approach to preventing the onset of cancer long term maybe should be more recommended amongst medical professionals and we know that amongst nutritionists; this has been an outcry for some time. 

Find out more here:

6. Should Grains Be A No Go On Keto?

Whether you’re striving to lose weight once and for all, wish to improve your health condition, or purely want to be the healthiest version of you - your decision to eat a Keto diet will raise some questions around certain foods.

You understand the basics of high-fat, moderate-protein and very low-carb, but what foods are a yummy yes or an absolute no?

One of the biggest questions you may be asking yourself now that you’ve begun, or are at least thinking about going Keto is, ‘Should I be eating grains on Keto’?

7. Improve Your Digestion With A Low-Carb Keto Diet

Are you prepared to take action and do what it takes to live a happy, active and fulfilling life.  Health issues have a unique way of reminding us that we need to take care of ourselves.  One of the most common health problems in the UK are digestive disorders.  According to Dr. Anton Emmanuel, Consultant Gastroenterologist, around 40% of the UK population suffer from a digestive complaint at any one time.

Perhaps you have digestive issues - you’re looking for answers to improve your chronic ill-health and you want to learn how to take care of your body long-term. Find out more here...

8. Staying Keto & Low Carb when you feel like throwing in the towel

Staying consistent and on point isn't easy. Life so easily gets in the way. It's hard... we hear you.

We know this too well. We're guilty of reminiscing about the days where time was in abundance and we could spend our evenings meal prepping, working out and pondering how healthy and prepped we feel right now. I remember feeling like a superhero, never missing a beat. Then I got a little older...

Then the career or job became a little more demanding. Kids arrived. They need to be dropped off at school, read to in the evening and of course cooked for.

So it becomes harder to have time to prep and have "me time" and much easier to grab whatever is there and eat what's available.

Well, take a breath... you're not alone.

9. 8 Immune Boosting Keto Foods To Buy This Winter

Are you worried about staying healthy and well as the flu and cold season arrive? Do you wish you knew the best Keto foods to keep stocked over Autumn and Winter to give you a much-needed immune boost? Wondering how you can maintain Keto and support your immune system? 

The long, cold days of winter can be a struggle, can’t they? Particularly as colds and flu are rife, keeping yourself as well as possible is going to be top of your priority list.

So how can you boost your immune system and stay feeling healthy - no matter what bugs come your way? It comes down to taking really good care of yourself. If this is your first winter following Keto, you’re probably keen to find out what Keto foods will give you a helping hand.

Look no further, we have you covered with our list of 8 immune-boosting keto foods to buy this winter.

We hope some of these articles have been helpful for you. Stay warm and stay keto!

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