Staying Keto & Low Carb when you feel like throwing in the towel

Staying consistent and on point isn't easy.

Life so easily gets in the way. It's hard... we hear you.

We know this too well. We're guilty of reminiscing about the younger days where time was in abundance and we could spend our evenings meal prepping, working out and pondering how healthy and prepped we feel right now. I remember feeling like a superhero, never missing a beat.

Then i got a little older...

Then the career or job became a little more demanding. Kids arrived. They need to be dropped off at school, read to in the evening and of course cooked for.

So it becomes harder to have time to prep and have "me time" and much easier to grab whatever is there and eat what's available.

Well, take a breath... you're not alone.

And we hope these few words offer some encouragement and to help you take manageable steps to make each day better; to make small changes that make big differences.

The keto diet involves eating mostly fat, and limiting your carb intake in order to encourage your body to burn your own fat stores aiding in quick and effective weight loss. I'm sure you know that by now. However not all us have the time to track carbs to the exact gram, or to measure our blood and ensure those ketones are sitting above 1.0. It just becomes too much.

So after surveying many of our customers we noticed a common trend. Many of them would say how "once" they did keto really strict, or once for a month they "were on it." However only a small handful, less than 5% actually were on the strictest form of keto they have ever done - RIGHT NOW! We all like to remember how good it was that time we were on it, but it's not always the case right now.

But for a big majority of our customers, they are applying principles each day to make things better, day by day. And if they have a treat here and there... ok, so you had a treat! Big Deal.

Many of us are using keto principles and low carb approaches to make each day that little bit healthier. Being easier on ourselves and realising, perfection might be a little hard to attain right now, but better; "i can do better."

On our new KetoKeto Low Carb Crunch Puffs, we make the statement "Making KETO better" on the back of pack.

What do we mean by this?

We mean; keto isn't always easy to do all the time. We all need that treat or snack to help us stay on track without blowing out completely and falling off the bridge. We need that crunch, or that bar, that little fix to help alongside all the salads, the lean meats, the strictly cooked fish or vegetables; whatever it might be.

So lets remind ourselves of a few things:

Being on keto is a learning curve in itself, especially at the beginning. What makes it even harder, is when you’re the only one doing it. Learning the ‘rules’, making different food, shopping differently and resisting temptation is hard enough, let alone when you live with a family who have no interest in eating that way, even if they do encourage you. To help you stick with keto and achieve your goals, here are some useful tips and tricks:

Never Forget Why

Following keto as a fad is all well and good, but it won’t get you through the most tempting times. “Because Kourtney Kardashian loves it” is just not going to cut it when a delicious carby buffet is smiling at you from across the room. Write down your goals, including why you are making them, so that you can remember them when times are tough. Don’t be afraid to use pictures of yourself that perhaps spurred you on to get healthier in the first place, as well as highlighted diary entries from days you really struggled with your weight. A report from the doctor suggesting you have pre or established diabetes can be another great reminder to stay on track if health pushed you in this direction. You need these tough reminders of why you went keto to push you through the tricky times.

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Always Have The Snacks

Whether you forgot your pre-planned lunch at work, or you’re on an impromptu trip with friends and your tummy rumbles, you should always have suitable keto snacks in your bag. These snacks will stop you getting hangry and keep you satisfied enough to push through until you can eat a proper meal. Sourcing really tasty, pre-made, pre-packed snacks that can easily be kept in your bag is particularly handy because they won’t go off, so you can fill your bag to the brim with them without worry.

Have a well rounded, simple plan

We aren't saying make a plan. Just don't make it too hard to follow.

Allow for a snack here and there. Don't limit your carb intake to a really strict amount such as 10 grams a day. Doing this could leave you struggling mid-week and then flipping back to bad eating all together.

There are plenty of keto and low carb nutrition plans that allow for 20 grams, 30 grams even 50 grams a day. The thing here is not to go to extreme at the start as we know too well, that fails 99% of the time. Build up slow and make smart choices.

Maintaining a good routine is essential to staying on track with keto, and planning forms part of that. Whenever you know you will be dining out, check the menu out and ring ahead to ensure you’ll be catered for. When it comes to eating at home, plan for your three meals a day (including meals to take to work). Your appetite is likely to be surprised by ketones though, so if you’re prioritising, plan two meals a day and have ready-to-go items in the fridge for quick meal construction.

Keep Tweaking So You Keep Seeing

One of the easiest ways to struggle with sticking to keto when you’re surrounded by non-keto friends and family, is when it isn’t working.

This lack of traction can make you feel like there isn’t any point in sticking with it any more. With keto, there are so many details you can always tweak to get back on track with weight loss. Calories, fat, protein and carb percentages, food types, food preparation - there are endless tweaks you can make until the diet works for you. Once you’re losing weight again, it is easier to keep going with eating keto, even when temptation arises.

Go Low Carb Focused and not full Keto

There are so many benefits to watching your carbs daily and focusing on low carb instead of full keto. Low carb is a little easier to manage and you can have a few more carbs with it. Fats still play a big role, but you may not need to focus on having as much fat as you would with a keto diet.

Still consider watching those calories. Calories play a part still and shouldn't be ignored. Keto Snacks like our Crunch Puffs help cut the cravings and keep your calorie intake low. Helping our followers to get through the hard days without reverting to the extremes.

Remember That Transition Symptoms Pass

Many people can throw the towel in initially because they feel unwell on keto or low carb. It is important to be honest and understand you will feel quite rubbish for a little bit when you initially transition to keto. Headaches, nausea, tiredness - it’s all to be expected and is generally called ‘keto flu’. It is also important to know that these symptoms will pass. This is a transitional period only, soon enough you’ll not only feel better but you will feel great. You’ll feel more mentally clear, more energetic and more positive.

You Can Do It! Keto or low carb or just being better

If we had to sum up this article, it would be with the following words:

Go easy on yourself.

Be patient

Take small steps, and don't beat yourself up when things get tough.

Whether it's our bars or our crisps, we hope you find low carb/keto friendly snacks to help you day to day stay on track

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