Best Keto Articles To Start 2024

Starting the new year can be super exciting. We are motivated to start our new years resolutions and maybe start a new diet and just be all round more healthy after the Christmas period.

Maybe you have just discovered keto or maybe you are an experienced keto-er and need that extra boost to help you on your journey.

We have rounded up some great articles to kick off the new year and we hope you find some inspiration and useful information.

1. Getting Started With Keto The Right Way

There’s a lot to learn when you’re new to Keto. From basic information about what to eat and how much, to fasting, supplements and net carbs. The world of Keto can seem daunting and confusing to a beginner.

Yet with the Keto diet growing in popularity due to its impact on weight loss, energy and improvement to overall health, more and more people want to quickly find out what Keto involves.

If that’s you, you’ve found the right place. We have here a short beginners guide to Keto to let you know what to eat, how much, mistakes to avoid, the low-down on fasting, supplements, and understanding net carbs. Everything you need to know to understand the Keto diet and lifestyle - you’re welcome!

2. 9 Budget-Friendly Keto Ideas

Are you worried about the rising cost of food? Do you need to know how to keep on track with Keto without blowing your budget?

With the ‘cost of living crisis’ becoming a daily news bulletin, we’re all thinking of new ways to stay within our means; cutting back where possible and not splurging on too many wants.

It’s true that buying healthy whole foods such as those encouraged by the Ketogenic diet can be more expensive. They’re real ingredients, after all, grown and nurtured by real people. Such foods are nutrient-dense and high quality, which can be reflected in their price.

Are you wondering how you can stay on track with Keto and save yourself some money at the same time? Then we have some fresh tips to help you…

3. What Veg Can I Eat On Keto?

Are you wondering what veg you can and can’t eat on Keto? Maybe you’re new to Keto and this is the first time you’re discovering what veg to include in your meal plans. Perhaps you’re an experienced Keto-er, but looking for new ideas to liven up your breakfast, lunch and dinners. 

Either way, the Ketogenic diet has clear dos and don’ts when it comes to the food you ought to have on your plate. Do you want a reminder about what veg you can and can’t eat while on Keto? Would you like a guide that tells you what veg to include on your shopping list? 

Then we have here exactly what you’re looking for! Here’s what veg you should and shouldn’t eat while on Keto, and why. 

4. The Impact of NEAT: The Perfect Complement To Keto

If you’re following a Keto diet, it's likely you want to improve your health one way or another. Perhaps you wish to lose weight, or maybe you want to balance blood sugars, it may be that you want to improve your metabolism and get fit. It could be all three!

Keto has been shown to improve blood sugar balance and significantly help weight loss. No doubt you’re aware that to further improve your health, exercise is key. Yet a Keto diet can make high-intensity workouts particularly gruelling, and maybe you just aren’t in the place yet to hit the ground running.

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5. Tracking Macros: The What, Why and How For Keto Success

Macros - the shortened name for macronutrients, are the three main food groups we eat to fuel our bodies; fat, protein and carbohydrates. 

The Ketogenic diet is based on eating mostly fat, a moderate amount of protein, and very little carbohydrates. Compared to the typical modern diet which consists of mostly carbohydrates, some protein and minimal fat.

The Keto diet highlights the importance of particular macros in metabolism and weight gain/loss: The Keto diet works on the principle that without carbs (or at least very few), the body uses fat to fuel the body instead of carbs. Helping you to reduce body fat and simultaneously balance blood sugars and improve overall health. So let's find out more on how to track macros.

6. Exercise And The Keto Diet: How To Fuel Your Workouts

The Keto diet changes the way your body fuels activities; it’s crucial you understand how this works and how it impacts your workouts to make sure you get the most out of your exercise routine. If you want to maximise your performance, weight loss and health benefits, read this article to learn the best ways to exercise to complement your Keto diet.

7. Seven Simple and Easy Keto Lunch Ideas

Lunch is often the least thought about meal of the day. You’re busy at work, looking after the kids or completing errands and chores. You tend to eat something on the go that you can pull together in a few minutes with little disruption to your day.

Add to that the fact that the majority of lunches are high in carbs - chunky bread sandwiches, pastas and jacket potatoes, it can be incredibly difficult to come up with Keto-friendly lunches that are quick and easy to prepare.

Finding tasty and suitable Keto lunches require a little ‘out-the-box’ thinking and an openness to a variety of new ingredients. Find out more here.

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