7 Simple and Easy Keto Lunch Ideas

Lunch is often the least thought about meal of the day. You’re busy at work, looking after the kids or completing errands and chores. You tend to eat something on the go that you can pull together in a few minutes with little disruption to your day.

Add to that the fact that the majority of lunches are high in carbs - chunky bread sandwiches, pastas and jacket potatoes, it can be incredibly difficult to come up with Keto-friendly lunches that are quick and easy to prepare.

Finding tasty and suitable Keto lunches require a little ‘out-the-box’ thinking and an openness to a variety of new ingredients.

We’ve created a list of 7 simple and easy lunch ideas, so you enjoy feel-good-food without any hassle, and stay in ketosis.

The Lunch List

Lettuce/Cabbage Wraps

Keto Lunch Ideas

Lettuce or cabbage leaves are a fantastic alternative to bread. You can fill them with your favourite ingredients like chicken, bacon, avocado, peppers - whatever takes your fancy, and wrap it all up in a lettuce or cabbage roll. Perfect for on the go easy Keto lunches!

A green wrap is also full of vitamins and minerals to help boost your wellness and add great texture and crunch for a more exciting lunch. Simply replace your usual carb wrap or roll with this brilliant alternative to keep your lunches simple, satisfying and Keto.

Stir Fry

An easy meal that can be prepared in the same time it takes to cook a bowl of pasta. Full of flavour and packed with vitamins and minerals, this is a great addition to your lunch list. Think peppers, onions, broccoli, greens, chicken or beef, flavoured with ginger and garlic and top with some crunchy sesame seeds.

Be brave with your ingredients list to keep this meal exciting, and it will become a firm favourite you can return to week after week. Whatever flavour combinations you go for, serve alongside a helping of cauliflower rice and a dash of gluten-free soy sauce to keep it Keto. Yum!

Savoury Muffins

A really simple lunch idea that can be prepared in bulk. These savoury muffins are made using whisked eggs and filled with delicious Keto-friendly ingredients such as chicken, bacon, broccoli and tomatoes.

Again you can mix and match a variety of different foods into this recipe to make it your own. Savoury muffins are no bother to prepare as they can be popped in the oven and are ready in about 15 mins. Plus, if you make a couple of trays at a time, you’ll have plenty to keep you going throughout the week.

Buddha Bowls

Best Keto Lunches

Who doesn’t love a Buddha bowl?! They’re colourful, made up with your favourite foods, and a taste sensation. The great thing about them is you can pick and choose the ingredients you want to mix and match, and very little cooking is involved.

The basic premise of a well constructed Buddha bowl is to include; protein such as fish or poultry, greens or microgreens, herbs, nuts and seeds, roasted veg, and a sauce or dressing. All of these components are usually served on top of a grain base, but to keep it Keto-friendly you could use cauliflower rice, quinoa or shredded cabbage.


Contrary to common belief, salads can be satisfying and indulgent, you simply need to know how to build a great one! Start with your base of greens and keep it varied with a mixture of different colours and textures, you could use lettuce, rocket, spinach, kale or cabbage. Make sure you season your greens with a little salt and pepper to give them a little oomph.

Fill out with colour such as peppers, beetroot, carrots, cucumber, or onion, anything that’s Keto-friendly and to your liking. Add your protein and good fats such as avocado, perfectly boiled eggs, smoked salmon, chicken or bacon. Top with a sprinkling of seeds or toasted nuts, and a delicious dressing.

Just be sure to check the dressing you use is Keto-friendly, or better yet, make your own simple dressing with your choice of oil, a little vinegar or lemon juice, and season with fresh herbs. You’ll never be bored with a salad again!


Keto Lunch Ideas

Frittatas are another brilliant and versatile meal idea. You can use the recipe as a base to swap and change ingredients for a variety of different flavours. It can also keep well in the fridge, so you can make it for dinner and keep the leftovers for a couple of easy packable lunches.

The base of a frittata is eggs and it’s essentially a deep-filled omelette. You whisk up eggs with a little milk and seasoning, add in your chopped veg, meat and/or dairy, then bake in the oven for around 20 mins. Simple, satisfying and scrumptious.


Soup might seem like a pfaff to make, but it’s actually really straightforward. All you need are a few chosen ingredients, seasoning and/or spice and a chosen cream to thicken. The main ingredients can all be cooked together in a large pot and then whisked together in a blender once cooled a little.

There are so many different options with soup flavours, and they’re especially satisfying during the cooler months of the year. Soups are also a fantastic option for batch cooking. You can make up within half an hour on a weekend or eve, and have enough to see you through many lunches. Keep in the fridge or freezer, and use as and when you’re ready.

Keep It Simple

The key to delicious yet easy Keto lunches is to keep it simple: choose a staple meal idea such as soup, stir fry or frittata, and mix the flavours up. This means you don’t have to continuously think of creative lunch ideas, when all you really want is something yummy and filling to keep you energised throughout your busy day.

You can use different vegetables, spices or seasoning. Try a different dressing flavour, or mix in some nuts or seeds. Once you have some firm favourites, you can rotate them for an easy meal plan that you’ll become familiar with preparing.

Above all, enjoy trying out new combinations of ingredients and a variety of different flavours and textures, while knowing your body is fuelled with ketones.

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