The OMAD Diet & Keto: A Perfect Pairing?

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Are you struggling to lose those last stubborn pounds? Would you like to know how to reach your weight loss targets? 

The Keto diet is a fantastic way to lose weight. But often the progress you start to see can dwindle after a while. You can hit a weight loss plateau and you stop making gains with your goals.

There may be another way to get the most out of your Keto diet - combining it with fasting. One particular intermittent fasting method that’s grabbed attention recently is the OMAD diet. So what is OMAD and can it work alongside a Keto lifestyle? Let’s find out…

What Is The OMAD Diet?

The OMAD diet is a style of intermittent fasting. OMAD stands for ‘one meal a day’ which gives you a pretty good idea about what is and isn’t involved! It means eating only one meal a day (within a 24-hour period). The rest of the time you’ll only be consuming permitted drinks such as water, tea and unsweetened coffee. 

You can choose what you eat for your one meal, and when you eat it. You’ll also have a time restriction for how long you can eat - some give themselves only one hour to eat their one meal, while others give themselves a wider window of time to get their calories in. Either way, you’ll only be allowed to enjoy one meal every 24 hours.

What’s The Point Of The OMAD Diet?

Many take on the OMAD diet for the purpose of losing weight, fast. With only one meal a day you eat significantly fewer calories and have a large amount of time between eating.  Without food for a long period of time, your body shifts its metabolism. At first, it will use stores of glucose for fuel, but after hours without food, your body will then switch to burning fat.

This helps you to lose stubborn fat fast.

Many people rave about the OMAD diet, specifically how it’s helped them simplify their eating regime and hit their ultimate weight loss target.

Benefits Of The OMAD Diet

Done well the OMAD diet has many benefits for your health and weight loss goals:

Better Sleep

Depending on when you eat your one meal, the OMAD diet can be brilliant for getting better quality sleep. If you eat your one meal at least a few hours before bedtime, your body will be able to rest and restore when your head hits the pillow, rather than use energy to digest food.

More Time

With only one meal a day to think about, prepare and clean up, you’ll find yourself with a lot more time. Think of all the other fun things you can do instead of preparing meals and cleaning dishes!

Spare Money

One meal a day also means your shopping bill will be significantly smaller. You can concentrate on spending your hard-earned cash on the best quality ingredients for your one meal. Cheaper and healthier!

Lose More Weight

You may have lots of weight to lose, or perhaps you’ve already made brilliant progress but now want to shift the last few pounds. The OMAD diet means your body will stay in ketosis, and burn fat due to the reduced number of calories eaten only once a day. You’ll see rewarding results in no time.

How Can You Combine The OMAD Diet With Keto?

So how do you go about combining OMAD with Keto? The great thing about OMAD is that it’s a type of intermittent fasting, which as we’ve discovered before in our post, Fasting On A Ketogenic Diet and The Best Ways To Break It’, greatly improves your Keto results. 

The OMAD diet doesn’t specify what foods you ought to eat but instead focuses on when and how often you eat. The guide for OMAD is to eat what you choose, but only for a limited period once a day.

When you opt to combine OMAD with Keto you pair the method of OMAD with the foods permitted on the Keto diet.

This means your one meal a day will be packed full of all the nutrient-dense goodness of Keto foods. Mostly fat, some protein and next to no carbs, rather than filling your boots with whatever you’ve been dreaming of during your fasting hours!

It’s a challenging combination but it has many advantages too.

What Are The Advantages Of Pairing The OMAD Diet With Keto?

Pairing the OMAD diet with Keto could be a match made in heaven for the following reasons:

Shift Stubborn Weight

Keto helps you lose weight quickly thanks to the shift in metabolism and burning fat rather than glucose from carbohydrates. However, as with most health regimes, progress can slow after a while. The last bit of weight you may want to lose can hang around no matter how hard you work.

Adding in the routine of the OMAD diet can give you the last push you need to see the pounds fall away. It takes your Keto plan to the next level and the results show it. 

Easily Maintain Ketosis

Entering and staying in ketosis is the whole point of the Keto diet. Everything you do and every crumb you eat is geared towards keeping you in ketosis, so you’re burning fat rather than glucose.

Pairing OMAD with Keto helps you stay in ketosis with little thought required. There’s only one meal to consider so as long as it's piled high with Keto-only foods you can be certain you’re in ketosis. No more worrying about whether what you’re eating is going to kick you out of ketosis!

Simplified Routine

Let’s be honest, going Keto can be a faff. There’s a large number of foods completely off-limits and this can be stressful to consider and organise when it’s new to you. Meal planning and preparation can be time-consuming and expensive.

With only one meal a day to plan and prepare your Keto routine can become a lot simpler. Helping you to stick with it and enjoy the healthy results.

Overcome Plateaus

Whatever your reasons are for going Keto, combining it with an intermittent fasting method such as the OMAD diet can help you overcome any stagnation. Whether you’re intent on losing weight, improving fitness, or reducing health risks, taking a two-pronged approach can shift your momentum up a gear.

Easier Tracking

Another difficulty with Keto is keeping track of your macros. Once you know how, and with the help of online trackers or apps, it can be less complicated to get to grips with. If you combine Keto with the OMAD diet you only have one meal to track!

This takes away the need to constantly track every macro throughout your day. You can work out your macros for your one meal ahead of time or simply calculate them after you’ve eaten. There’s only one meal to calculate so it will only take a few minutes of your time.

An Ideal Match

Going Keto can be tough going at times but it’s worth it for the improved health and fitness you experience within a relatively short space of time. Sometimes though, you hit a progress plateau or get tired of planning, preparing and tracking. Pairing the OMAD diet with Keto can help you realise your goals with a simpler and easier routine. 

Adding the OMAD diet into your Keto routine doesn’t need to be a permanent change. You could choose to combine OMAD at those times when you need a little more rest or want to move forward with your progress. Either way, it’s an ideal match.

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