The Best Keto Christmas Gifts For Keto-Enthusiasts

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….are you ready? Are you wondering what you can buy the favourite people in your life? Do you need some inspired ideas for the Keto-lovers you know?

Perhaps you’re the Keto-enthusiast and you need to drop a heavy hint for friends and family. Be sure to copy and paste this post or leave it open where they can easily glance over it…

Either way, here are 9 of the best Keto Christmas gifts around, conveniently organised in one place. All that’s left for you to do is buy, wrap and gift the best of the Keto-presents. Or look forward to being the happy recipient!

Your Keto fan will be thrilled you found them the ideal gift. One that shows you support their lifestyle, that you listen to their chats raving about Keto, and helps them put their best Keto foot forward in the New Year.

Get yourself in the good books this Christmas with these fabulous Keto gift ideas.

Cooking and Baking Keto Gifts

One of the best things you can ever gift anyone is a foodie present. Whether it’s their favourite chocolate in bulk, their preferred tipple or a hamper that ticks all the festive boxes.

Of course, for the Keto fans in your life, the food gifts are going to look a little different. They must be keto-friendly with minimal carbs and plenty of healthy fats.

Here are some wonderful cooking and baking Keto gifts you can buy to fill a festive hamper or use to make your own Keto Christmas treats:


Keto-ers highly restrict or cut out the carbs in their diet. This means very little sugar. How are you supposed to make them some tasty Christmas treats? With zero-to-no sugar sweeteners. They have all the sweet flavour with none of the disastrous glucose spikes.

Our recent post The Best Sweeteners For Keto And Those You Should Definitely Avoid, tells you all about the best sweeteners to purchase while living the Keto lifestyle. We recommend Erythritol. So why not buy a bag to bake your own Keto sweet treats as a gift, or use it to fill a Keto Christmas hamper?


Every Keto-enthusiast will tell you that they miss certain carbs. Maybe it’s their favourite packet of crisps or their morning muffin with their coffee. Transitioning to the Keto diet can be difficult without some Keto-friendly snacks to get you through your day.

That’s why buying a bulk supply of Keto snacks is a great Christmas gift idea. You can buy a large supply for the Keto fan in your life and even order on repeat for a monthly delivery to keep them stocked up.

Take a look at our mouth-watering and popular Keto crisps and Keto snack bars for the perfect Keto snack supply.

vegan keto bars

The KetoKeto Box Combo

Our bars are made to help curb cravings and keep you fuller for longer. With only 3g of net carbs per bar, they’re the perfect Keto snack for anytime during the day.

Save more when you buy more, by taking advantage of our Box Combo deal. Pick your favourite flavours or try a new flavour for a change.

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Keto Supplements

What about a Keto health hamper? The Keto-er you know probably cares a great deal about their health and fitness. They may want to lose weight, get fit, improve a health condition or do all three!

Whatever their reason, a Keto health hamper will put a smile on their face and keep a spring in their step. One of the best things you can place in a Keto health hamper is a supplement.

Beginning Keto can be tough without the right supplements to bolster your body and keep you energised. We’ve delved into this topic here if you’d like more info on the best supplements to take while on Keto.  

Keto Kitchen Gifts

There’s nothing much better for a Keto Christmas gift than one that helps a Keto advocate prepare the yummiest Keto meals.

There are lots of new concepts to learn when starting out with the Keto diet, and one of those things is learning how to cook the right foods in the best way for a low-carb nutrient-dense dinner. 

What will make life easier for a Keto-lover? Handy kitchen appliances that take out the hard work of meal prep. It’ll make the Keto dining experience easier and more enjoyable, not to mention a brilliant tool for staying on track when life gets busy or throws a curveball.

Vegetable Slicer & Spiraliser

When you first hear about Keto and the lack of carbs it can come as a bit of a shock. What no pasta? It can also make life much harder when trying to prepare quick, simple and tasty dishes.

One kitchen gadget that makes a huge difference to a Keto-eater is a vegetable slicer and spiraliser. Instead of noodles or spaghetti, you can make coodles (courgette-noodles). Rather than spend hours chopping veg to replace your carbs, a vegetable slicer removes the hassle in seconds.

This is a Keto Christmas gift that the Keto-er in your life will be immensely grateful for. Hey, you might even get a few home-cooked Keto meals out of it as a thank you. 

Not sure what it is or where you can find one? Take a look here. 


A blender might sound like a boring Christmas gift, but not to a health-conscious Keto-advocate. They want to look and feel their best. This means they’ll be caring a great deal for their bodies and giving a lot of attention to the food they eat.

A blender can make life so much better for a Keto-enthusiast. It can be used to make their own low-carb soups and smoothies. Or shred cauliflower into no-carb side dishes or nuts into Keto dessert toppings. A blender opens up a whole new world of Keto-friendly possibilities for your favourite Keto-er.

Waffle Maker

Did you think waffles would be a no-go on Keto? You’re not entirely wrong…traditional waffles most certainly are off the Keto menu. That means no more ice-cream-covered waffles from your local dessert cafe.

But with the right ingredients, Keto-friendly waffles are possible. You’ll need a waffle maker to complete the recipe though. Which makes them an excellent Keto Christmas gift idea. They let your Keto-loving friend or family member enjoy the scrumptious taste of waffles, without damaging their Keto progress. 

Keto Stocking-Filler Gifts

For those of you looking for low-cost or quirky Keto Christmas gifts, this section is for you. Stocking fillers are fun and funky. They add smiles and giggles, come in handy, and make a statement for a fraction of the price. Who doesn’t love an on-trend or useful stocking-filler?!

Here are some of our favourite Keto stocking-filler presents:

Avocado Slicer & Saver

Have you heard of an avocado slicer? What about an avocado saver? Well, now you can get the two combined in a fun and handy gadget!

There’s no doubt that the Keto fan in your life loves an avocado or two. They’re a Keto staple with their minimal carb and high-fat content. But they can be expensive and often get wasted if you want to slice one in half for a snack. And let’s not get started on slicing and dicing them.

With an avocado slicer and saver, these keen-avocado problems can be a thing of the past. They conveniently slice your avocados into pretty and neat slices. And that half that doesn't get used until later? It can be ‘saved’ without turning brown and yucky while you build up your appetite for another avocado serving. You can get your hands on one here.

Keto Journal

A low-cost Keto Christmas gift with plenty of value is a Keto journal or planner. It will help your Keto friend or family member plan and prepare all their Keto meals and goals. They usually come with space and templates for meal plans, shopping lists and daily trackers for weight loss and exercise.

A planner not only helps Keto-ers stay on track and more likely to reach their targets, but it also encourages and motivates them. It’s a fantastic Keto Christmas gift that can be used all year through.

Keto Slogan Clothes & Accessories

Do you know a Keto-er who loves to talk about all things Keto? Then they’ll love the opportunity to say what they think without having to talk at all. Keto slogan clothes and accessories are a fun and unique way to shout about Keto. 

Think Keto slogan mugs, t-shirts, cushions and bags. They bring a smile, cost little, and let your loved one declare their Keto passion for all to see.

Show You Care

Christmas is all about those things that help us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside - family, friends, good food and gifting. If you’re stuck wondering what presents will be best for a Keto-enthusiast, think about what suits them.

You have here some great Keto gift ideas, but the best one for your loved one will be one that gives them the most pleasure. For some that will be convenience, for others, it will be a sweet treat or something that makes them laugh.

Pick something with the recipient in mind. Then enjoy the satisfaction that comes from giving a well-chosen gift - one that shows you know them well and you care about their interests.


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