Do Healthy Keto Snacks Exist?

One of the hardest things new Keto-dieters face is replacing high-carb snacks with keto-friendly versions. Let’s face it, those sugar-laden carb-y snacks are the go-to pick-me-ups for many of us throughout a busy day. A coffee and doughnut mid-morning, a packet of salty crisps in the afternoon. Snacks fill the gap between meals when we’re busy, and need something convenient to fuel us.

So what happens when you decide to follow a Keto diet? All those carb-rich snacks are now off-limits. Keto-friendly snacks can seem impossible to find and difficult to prepare.

What then are healthy Keto snacks, and very importantly - do they exist in a convenient package?

What Are Healthy Keto Snacks?

As you’re probably aware, Keto snacks need to be high in good fats, have a moderate amount of protein and little to no sugars to keep you in Ketosis. Carb-laden snacks that typically provide convenient snack options are completely off-limits.

You’ll be used to grabbing a packet of something to fill those energy dips throughout the day. At first, it’ll take time and planning to discover new ways of eating, particularly when it comes to finding suitable Keto snacks to keep you nourished and satisfied.

To make life a little easier we’ve come up with 7 nutrient-dense Keto snack ideas to keep hunger away, and encourage you on your Keto journey:

Sushi Rolls

Brimming with vitamins and healthy fats, keto-friendly sushi rolls are sure to fix any mid-meal cravings. Use high-quality fish and low-carb veggies such as peppers, cucumber and avocado. Wrap it up in a nori seaweed sheet and drizzle with a little olive oil and lemon juice for a delicious pick-me-up.

Keto Trail Mix

Think nuts, shredded coconut, and seeds. Find as many different varieties of nuts and seeds as possible to provide a versatile and yummy snack. The good fats in the nuts and seeds will satisfy your hunger between meals, and this is an easy-to-prepare and easy-to-eat snack that won’t require your best culinary skills to sort.

Mixed Olives

Another grabbable snack, flavoured olives. Bursting with healthy fats and vitamins, olives can be bought prepared with a variety of different flavours to keep your tastebuds excited. Be sure to check for any added sugars that would make this otherwise keto-friendly snack unsuitable.

Keto snacks olives

Boiled Eggs

Easy to prepare, eggs are full of protein and provide healthy fats too. They’re a simple winner that can easily be snacked on, and give you valuable nutrients that will keep you satisfied between meals. You might choose to be selective where you munch them though - your colleagues may not thank you for the egg smell in your shared space!

Veggie Sticks and Dip

Cucumber, pepper, and celery sticks served with a guacamole dip or your favourite nut butter is a tasty and filling snack. Easy to make and quick to get ready when hunger sets in. The vitamins and minerals in the veg, along with the healthy fats of avocado or nut butter, provide a complete Keto-friendly bite to eat.

Fat Bombs

A must-have Keto pick, the fat bomb. Popular for its cake-like consistency and taste, without the carb and all the fat. The fat bomb is perfectly Keto. A doughy ball consistency that requires no baking, made up of a fatty base such as coconut oil or peanut butter, combined with a Keto-friendly flour like coconut or almond flour. Flavoured and textured with an appropriate sweetener like Stevia, plus cocoa powder, seeds, or coconut. There are many inventive and delicious combinations. This one is sure to help you forget all about the sugar-laden doughnuts that used to get you through to lunch.

Keto Smoothie

A large smoothie is very filling and gives a bunch of vitamins and minerals in one easy-to-digest drink. Smoothies are typically laden with high-sugar fruits, so make sure you only use Keto-based ingredients in your smoothie mix. Keto versions include greens such as spinach, kale and cucumber, some lemon juice for zing and good fats like unsweetened coconut or almond milk, and milled flax seeds. Your body will thank you for the nutrient-dense pick-up and you’ll feel full and happy right up until meal-time.

keto smoothie recipe

What About Convenient Snacks?

So there are evidently plenty of ideas for Keto snacks, it simply takes a little thought when you’ve been accustomed to snacking on carbs. That being said, there are times when you don’t have the time or energy to think alternatively. In the spirit of honesty, sometimes you really just want a packet of crisps too, and nothing else will cut it.

That’s why KetoKeto have come up with an incredible range of Keto-friendly snacks that not only keep you in ketosis, but replace like-for-like your favourite carb-y snacks. So you never have to feel like you’re missing out, and your move to being a Keto-er is seamless and enjoyable.

KetoKeto Crunch Puffs

The Keto crisp alternative. We know how hard it is to give up crisps, and we decided life is too short to not make a Keto version of our favourite carb snack. Why choose between being healthy on a Keto diet and your favourite snacks, when you can have both?!

Our Keto Crunch Puffs are made from a base of pea flour, pea protein and navy bean flour, then flavoured with different ingredients to give you three different sensational taste options: Thai Sweet Chilli, Vegan Cheese and Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar.

All the crunch puffs have minimal carbs with as little as 5g net carbs per serving in the Thai Sweet Chilli flavour, and boasting at least 6g of protein per serving. All our Crunch Puffs are vegan, gluten free and have 30% less carbs than other healthy crisp options on the market.

You no longer have to choose between crisps and Keto, hurrah!

KetoKeto Bar

The Keto snack bar that delivers all the fat and none of the blood sugar spike. Made from a base of almonds, cashews and coconut oil, these snack bars are yummy, moreish and totally not about missing out.

Our Keto Bar comes in a variety of four mouth-watering flavours: Cocoa Hazelnut, Coconut & Cashew, Cherry Bakewell and Banana Bread. Looking for that cake-like bar to chew on with your brew, or to keep hunger away on the go? This is it.

Vegan with zero added sugars. Our Keto Bars pack at least 24g of fat and less than 3g of net carbs per bar. It doesn’t get much Keto-friendly better than this. You really can have your Bar and eat it!

Save 25% when you bundle up with KetoKeto Snacks. Click here to find out more

keto snack box

Get Your Snack-On!

Not only do healthy Keto snacks exist, but they also now come in convenient and delicious packages so you don’t have to spend your spare minutes in the kitchen.

It’s great to have ideas, and with some reading around you can discover some very tasty new snacks to munch on between meals. They’re flavourful and nutritious, fairly easy to prepare and definitely easy to eat.

For those occasions when you must have crisps, or you simply want to grab a packet because life is busy and tiring (and you can’t be bothered), the geniuses at KetoKeto have made Keto friendly crisps and snack bars for you to enjoy. No hassle and all the taste.

All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the Keto-life. Happy snacking!

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