Making the bars, a sneak peak inside the KetoKeto bakery

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Visiting the bakery

Just before the Christmas break, we made a surprise visit to the KetoKeto bakery where our tasty KetoKeto bars are made. For some it was the first time they had seen the bars in production and was good fun to see the process, and all the people involved in making the perfect Keto snack. From the ingredients being weighed and prepared all the way through to baking and wrapping, we saw it all happen, and even had a go ourselves.

As you can see from the video, our bars are handmade with a lot of love and attention. Little did we know, just 2 years into the journey we would be making over 10,000 bars a week and shipping all around the world.

vegan keto bars

KetoKeto Bars

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