Improve Your Physical Health With The Keto Diet

Many people may think that the keto diet is a diet that helps us loose weight. We definitely agree that it does but the keto diet does so much more than that! There are so many health benefits for the average person and also for people who suffer from more specific health issues such as type 2 diabetes and chronic inflammation.

We have gathered together 9 articles that will give you some insight in to how you can improve your health using the keto diet and we hope you find them helpful.

1. Feeling tired and burnt out? Here’s how the keto diet can help...

Feeling drained and burnt out is not uncommon. Despite eating well, most of us feel tired, lethargic, exhausted, confused, non-productive and sleepy at some point in the daytime. Perhaps, it could have negative effects on our daily lives at the workplace and home.

Many of us rely on caffeine and energy drinks to boost alertness and energy, but it just can’t be a permanent solution, not a healthy way to get that much needed boost. So, is there a more healthy way of keeping energy levels up?

In this article we discuss the keto diet, as an approach that can help you find prolonged and sustainable energy levels, boosting fitness and alertness  by simply modifying your eating habits.

2. Is Keto The Answer To Chronic Inflammation?

Usually we think of inflammation as a negative thing we’d rather stay clear of, especially where it relates to our health.  We’re aware too much inflammation causes pain and illness - it’s the explanation behind almost every prevalent disease that hinders people today. 

But what exactly is inflammation and why does it pose a risk to our health?  Can it be reduced or even healed altogether?  Research has shown eating specific foods can have a significant impact on inflammation and its contribution to disease.  These are meaningful findings that have far-reaching consequences for those suffering with long-term inflammation-related disease.  

Is there a seemingly miraculous cure, and could it be as simple as changing your diet?

3. Managing Type II Diabetes with the Keto Diet

Diabetes type II is one of the most common metabolic disorders which manifests as impaired insulin production and insulin resistance.

According to a review article published in Nutrition and Diabetes, the keto diet is the most ‘effective dietary strategy' to reverse diabetes, subsequent complications and prevent pre-diabetics from developing diabetes in future.

Find out how the keto diet helps to manage type 2 diabetes and keto diet recommendations for diabetics.

4. Can The Keto Diet Help Lower Cholesterol?

Do you have high cholesterol and want to know if the Keto diet can help you lower it? Are you confused about what good and bad cholesterol are? Have you heard that Keto could improve your cholesterol but don’t have enough info to help you make a decision?

We have all the essential details about good and bad cholesterol, as well as the Keto diet and its effect on your cholesterol right here.

5. Can going Keto help reduce stress?

How would you grade your stress levels right now?  If 1 is completely zen and 10 is panic, where do you sit?  Most people report they’re somewhere in the middle.  It’s become the norm in modern society to live with a constant state of moderate stress.  But increasingly, adults in the UK are feeling so stressed they admit they’re overwhelmed and at times unable to function.

What then can we do to relieve the tension and get back to that awesome care-free mindset?  It may be simpler than you think.

6. Improve Your Digestion With A Low-Carb Keto Diet

One of the most common health problems in the UK are digestive disorders.  According to Dr. Anton Emmanuel, Consultant Gastroenterologist, around 40% of the UK population suffer from a digestive complaint at any one time.

Perhaps digestive issues have brought you here - you’re looking for answers to improve your chronic ill-health and you want to learn how to take care of your body long-term.  We’re glad you’ve found us.  

7. Are there any anti-cancer benefits to following a ketogenic diet?

Undoubtedly, advanced medicine has discovered various medicinal and surgical strategies to suppress cancers growth and recurrence. Amongst the breakthroughs in anti-cancer strategies, the one that has recently grabbed substantial consideration in controlling the growth of various cancers is through dietary modification: including the keto diet.

Yes, you have heard right! The Keto diet, adjunct with anti-cancer treatment, has shown tremendous success in preventing various cancers. Find out more here.

8. 9 Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet

This article gives us just a few more benefits to the keto diet incase you haven't seen the health issue you may be dealing with in this article.


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