How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose On The Keto Diet?

Statistics in the UK tell us that most adults are overweight or obese at around 67% of men and 60% of women. Those figures are shocking but realistically, most of us probably won’t be too surprised to hear them. After all, who hasn’t had at least some part of their life where they wanted to drop a few pounds? 

Whilst there are many different ways to lose weight, one of the most popular diets around at the moment for fast weight loss is the keto diet (ketogenic diet). 

To simplify, it is a low-carb, high fat diet that has been shown in over 20 studies to boost weight loss and overall health levels. By eating such a low amount of carbohydrates the body is unable to use glucose from the carbs for energy. Instead, it has to turn fat into ketones for energy. This means your body becomes very good at burning fat, enabling you to lose weight quickly and effectively. 

Different Types Of Keto

There is no known proven version of the ketogenic diet that is said to be the most effective. However, the different options available can help make the diet more accessible to more people because of the flexibility. Here are some of the different types of keto:

  • Plant based keto - ketogenic diet consumed with all plant-based food or sometimes including eggs and fish
  • Standard keto diet - ketogenic diet where most calories are made up from fat and protein, and just 5% carbs
  • Targeted keto - ketogenic diet which follows standard rules most of the time but allows more carbs during workouts
  • Cyclical keto diet - full ketogenic diet most of the time, but including high-carb boost days around 30% of the time
  • High-protein keto - ketogenic diet with a higher ratio of protein compared to the standard keto diet 

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How Much Weight Can You Lose On A Keto Diet? 

If you do choose to follow any of the above keto diet types, the likelihood is you are doing it to lose fat. Although many people do a ketogenic diet for overall health reasons, the fact remains that it is at its most effective a fat loss diet. 

With that in mind, you probably want to know how much weight you can expect to lose on keto. It needs to be worthwhile to put all that effort in (and to miss out on all those yummy carbs!). 

The bad news is, that nobody can give you an exact weight loss figure because there are so many differentiating factors. Your current weight, activity level, genes, ability to stick to the diet, health status and medication can all affect how quickly you lose weight. 

The good news is, there are lots and lots of stories where people provide positive examples of their own weight loss experiences. In this couples experience, a lady loses 3.5 pounds over three weeks, and her partner loses 5 pounds. These weight loss levels can definitely be considered amongst the healthy 1-2 pound weight loss limits recommended by the NHS for long-term healthy weight loss. 

Science also has plenty to say on the subject. For example, this scientific study also shows good weight loss results with keto, with 10% of patients losing more than 10% of their initial body weight after 2 months on keto. 

Although there are some incredible stories highlighting people who have lost huge amounts on keto in a short period of time (and boy are there plenty), the fact is that you should be realistic with your expectations. 

In the first week you might lose a large amount of water weight, but realistically you should expect to lose about 1-2 pounds per week after that. 

If you are losing any more you could be losing not only fat, but muscle mass. You may also find you regain the weight and then some later down the line. 

Slow, sustained keto could be the way you see big loss numbers long-term, but without the danger of hefty losses (and their consequences) in a short space of time. You can read about some sustained weight loss with keto stories here. We’re sure you’ll be inspired after reading them. 

What Next?

In order to calculate an achievable amount of calories to consume on keto along with the correct ratios, this keto calculator could be really helpful. We also recommend you consult your doctor before starting any extreme diet, to make sure it is a safe option for you. With the right approach, and guidance, you can reach your weight goals with keto in a slow and sustainable way. 

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