The Benefits Of Going Both Keto & Plant Based At The Same Time

As it stands, the keto market is set to be worth over $15 billion dollars by 2027, and the vegan market is set to be worth $31 billion or more by 2026. These numbers show us that these diets aren’t just a passing fad. Consider them in addition to the amazing social media posts of those seeing vast success with either diet, and it’s hard not to wonder if one or the other could be the answer to your weight loss woes. 

Whilst each diet individually can clearly work for some, it’s the combination of both diets that is really interesting. Both diets have exceptional benefits and potential for weight loss and yet they tend to be considered as entirely separate possibilities. This could be because a healthy vegan diet tends to revolve around fruit and vegetables, when a keto diet appears to revolve around meat and dairy. 

Many people probably don’t realise that you can not only combine the two, but actually, there are some great benefits to doing both diets. In fact, it’s such a popular concept to combine the two diets and it even has its own special name: ketorarian. 

If you’re already plant based and you’re interested in keto, you’re keto looking to go plant based, or you’re neither and want in on the benefits of both, you’ll want to hear more about this incredible combi-diet:

What Ketorarian Diets Involve

The diet combines keto and plant based benefits which enables you to potentially curb the issues that can come with following either diet on its own. 

When you look at it on logic alone, it makes sense. Keto boosts your metabolism by helping you burn ketones instead of glucose (carbs), and being plant based is associated with all kinds of benefits, like reducing your potential risk of chronic diseases. So it would seem, the two combined helps you to drop the pounds, without dropping your nutrition, plus you get health benefits too. Win win win right? 

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Well...kind of, yes, actually! It’s about cleanly getting into that keto state, avoiding the potential issues that can come with eating lots of meat and dairy. The keto diet, as is, can cause gut problems, skin problems, fatigue, general malaise and even problems losing weight at all. When you switch the sources of fat and dairy to plant based alternatives, you allow your body to lose weight but hopefully, whilst skipping those nasty side-effects. 

You also get the extra nutritional punch from the vitamins and minerals contained within your food sources. 

So, What’s The Problem Then?

The only potential issue is that a person may not do the diet right, and end up either struggling to get into ketosis, or missing out on certain vitamins and minerals.

A plant based keto person would need to put in a lot of effort to effectively minimise their carbohydrate intake enough to get the benefits of a keto diet. Animal products and dairy would be replaced with a range of plant based alternatives such as; coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, tempeh and olive oil. You also need to make the effort to ensure your B12 and protein levels are high enough. 

It isn’t impossible to properly go plant based and keto, you just have to be really aware of your health and nutritional needs, just as you would with completing either diet individually. 

You can find some handy ketorarian recipes here, and an overview of the diet here. It is also worth mentioning that some people consume eggs and fish on the plant based keto diet, using plants as the base of the diet, but staying flexible on animal product consumption. It may be that allowing that kind of flexibility with what you eat enables you more ease with combining the two diets. 

“I cut out all bread and all those sorts of carbohydrates. I don’t have cheat days. It’s like giving up smoking. I gave up smoking cold turkey. I’m one of those people, when I’m committed there’s no stopping me. So, I did it and after a week it repulsed me. Like, there’s bread over there and never again would I put that in my body.” - Megan Fox

Whether you try Keto, plant based, or both, it is important to do your research and consult your GP before starting. With the right guidance and approach, it could be the perfect way to get your weight down, and your nutrition levels up. 

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