Control your appetite, balance your insulin and lose weight with Keto

We are all aware, weight loss and obesity is a problem. It is one of the major causes of many health problems in the 21st century, contributing to heart disease,  diabetes and many other health issues, you would be surprised to hear that nearly every 3rd person in the UK is obese or overweight.

We are all searching for that secret formula, that magic pill that gets us on the path to change. We know it doesn't come over night and if we can just follow the right information for long enough we can gather enough momentum to stay on that streak of success and see the change occur. 

A diet made of majority carbohydrates, refined sugars and processed foods is for too many, the primary cause of the issue. Eating these types of foods only leads to more... well... eating these type of foods. They have a knack of spiking our insulins for the short term, sending us into a sugar crash, increasing our cravings for more of the same food groups and never really bringing the satisfaction of fullness or nutritional demand. 

We all know fat took some hard press over the past few decades. Mis-education from major food companies, driven by their own agendas of profit mean't many of us avoided high fat foods, fell for low-fat marketing messages and ate far too much refined sugar and grains that our bodies can handle. 

Keto and low Carb is a strong, proven solution.

It really is. Recognising the role healthy fats and natural foods play in getting our insulin to finally balance out, results in us starting to see the weight come off; at the right pace and in the right way. 

A few decades ago, I remember reading a book by Partick Holford on Optimum Nutrition and it was those chapters on balancing blood sugar and bringing in healthy natural fats that saw the most impact for myself and those around me. Never did I leave the house without a small pot of fresh nuts to keep my appetite in check and my insulin levels flatlined throughout the day. This approach worked. Not only did I begin to lose weight in the right way, I began to feel less hungry, more energetic and so much better day to day. Little did I know, I was opening the door to the understanding of ketosis and a high fat diet and the role that can play in overall health improvement.

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Making the Switch

Starting is the hardest part. We all know that. 

We all seem to go in too heavy at the start line and burn out 3 weeks into January with a Dominos Pizza delivery. We calorie deficit too strong and leave ourselves feeling hungry and low on energy pretty soon after taking off. 

We think it's important to prepare for those tough times. Prepare to not fail by having the right foods their in the cupboard next to you. And, remove the wrong ones. 

A KetoKeto bar is made with a base of almonds. The highest standard of nut going. It's a dense 250Kcal with over 25g Fat and 3g net carbs. When we say it fills you up and cuts cravings, we really mean it.

We find they work. They not only reduce insulin spike, they leave you feeling full! Because it's eating the right things first as opposed to eliminating the wrong foods that will keep you on track. What do we mean? 

Eat this to eliminate that!

Well, make a bargain with yourself. For all of the next week, you can eat whatever you want, just after you have eaten the right thing. Oh, and we suggest waiting 30 minutes after eating to see if you still feel like eating that cake, or pizza. 

Trust us it works. You feel the feeling of being full, you feel the joy of having eaten the right thing and then you decide, I won't eat that other treat. I'm too "on-it" for that right now!

Eating to eliminate is a nice way to ease yourself into those other areas of discipline you would expect just around the corner. Allowing yourself to eat more with the condition of eating the right things first and waiting 30 minutes after, should have you feeling more satisfied and full up. So, have the salad before the sandwich, have the Keto snack before the high-carb snack and when push comes to shove, have that little bit of will power to say no when you feel satisfied. Know that saying no and remaining on the streak is a kinder gesture to your future self than eating everything going. 


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