Keto Crunch Puffs, a snack to curb those crisp cravings

A new Keto Snack - The Crunch Puff Keto Crisp.

In October 2021, after another 9 months of hard work behind the scenes we launched an entirely new Keto Snack, our Keto Crunch Puffs.

I don’t know about you, but growing up, I loved crisps. Couldn’t get enough of them. And it always seems to be that the food we have available to us on the Keto diet is more soft and chewy than crunchy.

We set out to make a Keto Crisp that was low in net carbs and plant-based. In the process we were surprised to find that our Keto crisps came with many other added benefits.

  • Low in Calories
  • High in Protein
  • High in Fibre
  • Gluten Free

Why our Keto Crisps work so well…

With only 4 - 5 grams of net carbs per serving our crisps are a life saver when temptation comes and you’re close to throwing in the towel. They make a perfect afternoon snack, or help make a cheat treat on a Friday evening a little less cheat and still very Keto.

Our Keto Crunch Puffs are ideal for anyone who is looking to keep their total carbohydrate intake between 20-50g a day. Some of us are more strict with our Keto plans and might find that our Crunch Puffs are not ideal, but those following a more flexible Keto or low carb lifestyle our Crunch Puffs are the perfect snack to keep you in check.

We recommend ordering a mix box of 15 bags, 5 of each flavour. However you might wish to explore the full range.

These bars are great! So tasty and great for on the go! And at 3g of carbs have helped me stick to a Keto diet.

Laura Beck

I’ve tried all of the varieties of ketoketo bars- not sure which is my favorite as I go through phases of preferring one then the other. All bars are tasty and satisfying. They don’t taste synthetic or artificial like Some other brands, easy to stay on Keto track with them on the go.

Kelley Peeling

Great for my Keto lifestyle and allows me to keep my fat intake high without having a high amount of carbs. The bars are great for a breakfast on the go. I’d highly recommend giving them a try.

Colleen Llloyd

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