The Run Up to Summer!

The countdown to summer is on!

And with only 8 weeks to go until we hit the beach, (the UK beaches for most of us), I’m sure you are thinking the same as I am.

Why didn’t I Start this Keto thing earlier?

Or, why didn’t I just start? Or even stick to it.

Many of us can feel like we have left it too late to get our act together and begin sticking to a routine and a plan that actually works. And we know from experience, that Keto works. The Keto diet not only helps accelerate weight loss, it can leave you feeling more energised, clear minded and more focused day to day.

So, lets get to it…

We’ve got some valuable insights that if and when you apply them to your day to day routine, you will start seeing and feeling the benefits in no time. And we all know how it feels to see something work, it gives you that “I’m going to stick to this” kinda feeling! So here we go, things you can do to make Keto work for you…

1. Get into Ketosis for real this time!

Measuring progress and performance is one of the biggest misses for many when doing Keto, or any type of workout or nutrition plan. For many, not knowing where you are and how you are doing on the journey can actually mean you aren’t on the journey at all. Hidden sugars and carbs in foods can easily kick you out of Ketosis, so its best to know where you are day to day.

We recommend measuring your blood ketones with a blood measuring kit. If that feels a bit too much, there are other ways you can test your ketones to see how you are doing with your journey.

But knowing you are in Ketosis is super important. It lets you know when you are in a fat burning state and what things you might be doing that could be having a negative impact on your ketone state.

2. Eat Clean and cut out the nasties

Eating clean isn’t always easy, but it’s sometimes essential to kick start you on the road to where you want to be. Too many times, hidden sugars, processed foods and bad sweeteners can negatively impact our progress without us even knowing it.

Of course we know to avoid sugar! But be careful of it hidden in sauces and drinks. It could be spiking your insulin a little more than you would like

Avoid fast-food. It’s just for 2 months.. see it as a reward at the finish line!

Ignore marketing and packaging that promotes “low fat.” Come on, we’re Keto here and we know better!

Finally and this is a big one! Be careful of protein bars and health bars that claim low sugar! They usually contain sweeteners like maltitol - which may as well be sugar it’s so .. well sugary!!

Remember what sweeteners and which and how they affect your blood sugar. Stick to Erythritol, Xylitol (that’s what’s in our bars) or Stevia. They have very little, in some cases next to no affect on blood sugar levels.

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3. Introduce Intermittent Fasting

I’m sure by now you have heard of intermittent fasting. It seems to go hand in hand with Keto.

Fasting during the day will help boost ketosis and have a tremendous impact on your weight loss. But don’t get caught thinking you are fasting when you actually aren’t. Avoid drinking calories such as milk in tea or in your coffee.

Start with a reasonable timeframe for your first fast and then day by day, just increase it slightly. Using a fasting app such as “Fastic” will help you understand what your body is going through as you fast and will be a key motivator to keeping you on track.

And if it helps, fast first thing in the morning after a good nights sleep. You then get the added benefit of all that time you fasted whilst sleeping, helping you hit the goal of 14 hours or even longer, much easier.

4. And break your fast right

This is a big one!!!

Many people slip up not breaking fast right! It hits 2pm and you raid the cupboards for everything you can find. Your blood sugar spikes and you undo all that hard work in an instance.

Here’s some tips. Break fast with a little light protein and some MCT oil. Then leave it 45 minutes before you eat a healthy, high fat meal. If you are on the go like most us here at KetoKeto, this is the perfect time to grab a KetoKeto bar. It is high in fat and fills you up until dinner, no problem.

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5. Watch your calories

I don’t think calories can be forgotten and too many times they are. Too many people who attempt Keto don’t see results because they are simply eating too much. Way too much!

A calorie deficit is still an important part of weight loss and should be considered throughout the day. Be careful not to over eat. Train yourself to eat those smaller portions at dinner and be satisfied when you do.

Remember.. if it was easy, everyone would do it. So there are going to be times when it feels a little uncomfortable to not take that second plate worth of summer BBQ food. Work out what calorie deficit would be right for you to lose weight at a healthy pace, and aim for that each day, using an app like Myfitness Pal to keep it all tracked.

And remember, get that breakdown of calories right too!

6. Sleep, rest and stress less

Finally, don’t under estimate the effects lack of sleep and stress can have on your body and your fat loss potential. Stress leads to heightened cortisol levels, which leads to our bodies holding on to fat, despite all the good work we are putting in with exercise and diet. Take advantage of the sun, and rest a little.

Sit back, knowing all this relaxing is only helping turn you into a fat burning furnace!!

7. Exercise, and do it well

Any exercise is going to help burn calories and help accelerate weight loss. Be sure to work hard and feel that feeling of “wow that was tough” at each work out. Attend classes you haven’t been to before.

Do new things. Most of all, accelerate your heart rate every day and sweat some.

Be sure to add resistance training in too. Thats “weights” for most of us, but it can be body weight exercise too. Resistance training creates a metabolic response like no other.

When our muscles recover and repair after training like this, we increase our metabolic rate and the rate at which we burn fat. Commit to 3 times a week, 4 even. What you waiting for, call the gym and book that class!

So, did you get all that.

Seven things you can use as a checklist to see where you are now and what you can improve on.

We know that when you apply these principles to your every day lives, good things for your health start to happen. Use these tips to make a plan and then, commit to sticking to it.

Grab a mix box of bars so you have your afternoon snacks covered and then get to it. Don’t wait till Monday.. today is as good a day as any.

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