How To Make Your Own Keto Shakes

Keto shakes, like any shakes, are creamy, delicious and satisfying. They’re often used by Keto-ers as a meal replacement to help lose weight, or simply as a sweet treat for when you’re craving a sugar-like fix.

Keto shakes are different to regular shakes or other slimming shakes, as they’re low in carbs and high in protein and good fats.  Their high protein and fat content help to reduce hunger and cravings, while providing a yummy and sweet-tasting snack or meal. You get to enjoy a sumptuous treat, without consuming detrimental carbs and sugar.

Why Make Your Own Keto Shakes?

There are many weight-loss shakes available to buy, all claiming to be fabulous for rapid weight loss. However, most of the pre-packaged shakes have a high carb content, and less fat; not suitable for the keto diet. 

Those that are Keto-friendly tend to be expensive, and may also contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to maintain their shelf-life. 

Another ingredient to be wary of with prepackaged shake mixes are sweeteners; they’re likely to be included in the ingredients to induce the right flavour. But only a couple of sweeteners are Keto friendly, namely Stevia and Monk Fruit Extract.

Finding a store-ready shake that’s perfectly Keto and doesn’t require an investment, is extremely difficult to find. Given that Keto shakes are pretty easy to make and cost a fraction of the ready-made ones, it makes sense to learn how to make your own.

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Keep Your Shakes Keto

As with all your Keto meals and snacks, make sure you keep your Keto shakes low or no carb so you stay in ketosis. There are a few important notes to be aware of to keep your shakes Keto-friendly:

Unsweetened Plant Milks

It’s really important you drink the right milk while on Keto, since dairy milk and many alternative milks contain a large percentage of carbohydrates. For example, one cup of cow's milk contains 12g of net carbs, thanks to the presence of lactose, which is essentially a milk sugar. 

Plant-based milks provide a fantastic alternative to cow’s milk, however not all plant milks are made equal when it comes to Keto-compatibility. Oat milk is also high in carbs with 12g of net carbs per cup.  Plus all sweetened plant milks contain a large carb content. 

Be sure to only use the best low-carb milks for your Keto shakes, otherwise you’ll inadvertently down a cup full of sugar, and whilst it may taste good; you’ll soon be out of ketosis and adding pounds without knowing why. For more info on the best Keto milks, take a look at Is Oat Milk Keto?

Keto Nut Butters

Another Keto shake ingredient to be careful with is nut butter. Similar to milk, nut butters vary in their carb and sugar content, so you must check the best nut butters to use while following a Keto diet.

Nut butters are brilliant for adding good fats, protein and fibre, as well as essential minerals and vitamins including a good dollop of nut butter in your Keto shakes will give you a healthy helping of essential fat, protein and micronutrients to keep you in Ketosis and power you through your day.

However, some nut butters are high in carbs, for example cashew butter contains 9g of net carbs and peanut butter contains 6g of net carbs per 2 tbsp serving. 

There are a number of other nut butters that give you more fat and protein, without the high net carb content, such as macadamia, walnut, pecan and almond. Make these your preferred nut butter choice to keep your Keto shakes low-carb.


Another Keto shake ingredient to be mindful of is sweetener. You may choose not to include sweetener in your Keto shakes if you’re including Keto-friendly fruit or protein powder that already contain sugar or sweeteners. 

However, if you do include a sweetener to add a sweet taste as required to your Keto shakes, make sure you choose one that’s Keto-compatible. A couple of the best sweeteners for keto are Stevia and Monk Fruit Extract, both natural and low in net carbs.Only a small amount is required since they taste much sweeter than sugar.

Protein Powders

Any protein powders you include in your Keto diet must be Keto-friendly! There are many to choose from nowadays, so be sure to pick those that are most suitable. They’re a great way to pack in the protein, and can be easily added to Keto smoothies and shakes.

Check the ingredients list for sweeteners and sources of fat and protein - you want to choose the highest quality products you can afford. 


You're probably already aware that only a few fruits are allowed on the Keto diet, so be sure to limit the quantity and variety when it comes to including fruit in your Keto shakes. 

Keep to berries, and only add enough for the right flavour (check out the flavour suggestions below).  ¼ Cup of berries is the maximum you should be adding to your Keto shakes to keep them low-carb and Ketogenic.

Optional Extras

Additional low-carb fruits and veggies such as cauliflower or avocados can be included in your Keto shakes to add creaminess, good fats, fibre, and important nutrients.  These will bulk out your Keto shakes to give them that much loved smooth shake consistency, without harming the flavour.

You could also include high-quality MCT oil in your Keto shake for extra fat - the additional fat content will help to stave off hunger and cravings. A great idea if you’re using Keto shakes as a meal replacement.

A Basic Keto Shake Recipe

A great Keto shake has a basic recipe which you can adapt and customise to suit you. 

Maybe you love chocolate shakes, or perhaps strawberry shakes are your favourite - whichever flavour you prefer, this basic 4-ingredient Keto shake recipe, can be used to make any flavour combination you like, simply add the flavour you desire.


  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Plant Milk (see here for the best Keto-savvy milk options)
  • 1-2 tbsp Nut Butter (a fantastic list of Keto-friendly nut butters can be found here)
  • 1 tsp Sweetener, Monk Fruit Extract or Stevia
  • ½ Cup Crushed Ice
  • Flavour Option e.g. vanilla, berries, cinnamon, cocoa


The easiest way to make your Keto shake is to use a high-speed blender: 

  1. Place the four basic recipe ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. 
  2. Add in your chosen flavour combination (see below).
  3. Blend again until fully combined and your mixture resembles a frothy-smooth shake consistency.
  4. Pour into your favourite high-glass and enjoy!

Five Flavour Favourites

To give your Keto shake the terrific taste you expect, you can choose a variety of different flavours, simply add them to the basic Keto shake recipe. 


2 tbsp Cacao Powder

¼ Avocado

¼ Cup Chocolate Protein Powder


1 tsp Vanilla Extract

¼ Cup Frozen Cauliflower

¼ Cup Vanilla Protein Powder


1 tsp Vanilla Extract

¼ Cup Frozen Strawberries

¼ Cup Vanilla Protein Powder


1 tsp Vanilla Extract

¼ Cup Frozen Blueberries

¼ Cup Vanilla Protein Powder


1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 tbsp Cinnamon Powder

¼ Cup Frozen Cauliflower

¼ Cup Vanilla Protein Powder

Scrummy, Satisfying Shakes

There’s no denying it - shakes are yummy and satisfying!  When you move to a Keto diet it can be difficult to give up the foods you’ve grown to love, and the treats you’ve become accustomed to enjoying for pick-me-ups.

Going Keto doesn’t need to be boring and bland though.  In fact, it’s often about discovering new tasty ingredients that are just as delicious - if not more so, with the benefits of essential protein, healthy fats and vitamins.  There are so many fantastic flavours out there to try, without unnecessary carbs. 

Keto shakes are a great example of a treat that can be delicious, satisfying and healthy.  Making your own Keto shakes is simple and affordable using the basic 4-ingredient Keto shake recipe above.  Why not try them out for yourself?

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