7 Common Keto Mistakes: Avoid Them Easily With These Tips

The media is never short of incredible keto success stories letting you see just how successful the diet can be for many people. Of course, like most health stories, it’s never a straight-forward road. Keto can work wonders for your weight-loss goals but there are many mistakes you can make that scupper your attempts to slim down. 

Luckily, we’re right here to give you the lowdown on these 7 most common keto mistakes (and how to avoid them) so you can bump up your weight loss and start making those incredible keto health gains:

 Going High On Fat, Low On Carb - At Speed

Lots of people going onto keto will enthusiastically go from their bread, cereal and pasta heavy diet one day, bin the carbs, and go straight onto full keto the next. Your body will probably be a bit like ‘erm hi, whatcha doing there pal?’ If you make the switch too quickly. Instead, you’ll want to slowly reduce your carbs so your body has a chance to get with the new programme. 


Letting Your Body Dry Up

Getting dehydrated on keto is a real risk for a few different reasons including:

  • You’re not getting the extra water content you would usually get from veggies and fruits. 
  • Carbs are stored with water in your body, so as those stores reduce, your water will too. 
  • Ketone buildup is flushed out through your urine, which can cause more water loss. 

To avoid this mistake, it is important to stay hydrated, sipping on water throughout the day. 


Focusing On Carb Reduction And Forgetting About Nutrition

It can be so easy to get deep on carb reduction, forgetting that your body, you know, needs nutrients to be healthy. 

Oh yeah...vitamins…. Oops

This can cause loads of horrible problems, like nutrient deficiencies, and even permanent damage to your body. To avoid this, try and get maximum nutrient bangs for your buck. Focus on whole foods, colourful fruits and vegetables, and high quality meats and protein sources. 


Becoming A Veggie Dodger Or A Veggie Scoffer

It might have been your sole ambition as a child to avoid veggies, but as an adult, you need to eat them to be healthy. On keto, it can be easy to eat too little fruit and veggies, causing yourself constipation, malnutrition and other issues. Flipping the coin, it is also easy to eat too many veggies on keto, scuppering your chance of getting into ketosis. Strike the balance right, and you can continue to lose weight whilst also getting plenty of nutrients and, ahem, staying regular. 


Bailing At The First Keto Flu Hurdle

Going into keto can bring on something called ‘keto flu’, which means basically feeling like absolute poo within the first couple of weeks transitioning. Aches, fatigue, nausea - the lot - it doesn’t happen to everyone, but if it does happen to you, you’ll know about it. Preparing for this happening is a great way to help yourself stay the distance, understanding that it’s just a temporary reaction to your body changing the way it creates energy. 


Forgetting To Eat Healthy Fats

A common mistake new keto dieters make is scoffing all of the processed meats and cheeses as their main source of calories. Those types of fats can be really nasty eaten in excess, causing inflammation in the body. Instead, try to include healthier sources of fat and protein like salmon, sardines and cod liver oil. Avocado and olive oil are other great sources of nutrients that are both keto-suitable, and less inflammatory than processed alternatives. 


Avoiding Letting Your Doctor Know Your Plan

It is very, very important to let your doctor know that you plan to start a keto diet. It can both positively and negatively impact a wide variety of medical conditions and medication effects. Speaking to your doctor about your plan means that you’re going to be able to start this diet safely, and under their best guidance for your individual health needs. 

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” - Henry Ford

Mistakes come as part of any new habit or plan, and usually they are followed by an ability to do things better. However, with keto, if you can avoid common mistakes in the first place, you do save yourself a lot of annoying, and sometimes unpleasant problems. Being smart and getting things right the first time means you get to start dropping weight and feeling the health benefits of the keto diet sooner, rather than later. 

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