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Finally a clean Keto bar that’s 100% vegan, low in net carbs and high in fat! (on purpose).

Containing no sugar, it is formulated to reduce the impact on your blood sugar and keep you on track with your Keto diet! It’s high fat content also helps cut cravings and makes you feel satisfied.

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Coconut Cashew

Sweet, Crumbly Coconut and Cashew Biscuit. This one has become a favourite for many of our customers. Contains 3g of net carbs.

12 x 50g bars

Choc Hazelnut

A brownie biscuit texture, with less than 2g of net carbs, its the perfect coffee break snack, or goes well in a dessert.

12 x 50g bars

What People Are Saying

Most Keto Bars are lying to you!

That's right lying!

You see many health bars that claim to have low sugar and low net carbs are not really calculating their net carbs correctly!

Many snacks that claim to be keto use the sweetener maltitol that has a big impact on your blood sugar levels. So although is isn't sugar, it will cause almost the exact same blood sugar response in your body as sugar would. Therefore kicking you out of ketosis!

Even though they are shown to have a significant impact on your blood sugar levels, many brands still subtract the sweetener maltitol FULLY when calculating net carbs!

KetoKeto bars on the other hand, only contain the sweeteners Erythritol and Xylitol. Erythritol is proven to have ZERO impact on blood sugar, so it is safe to subtract it fully from our total carbohydrate amount. Xylitol is a popular sweetener with many people who are on Keto. Although many brands subtract it fully, we hold Xylitol to a strict measure, subtracting just 40% of it's contents from our total carb count, leaving us with a genuine measure of 2-3g of net carbs per bar!

Clean Ingredients

When we set out to create the perfect Keto Snack, our aim was to develop a bar that was truly low in net carbs, free from sugar and high in good fat! One that didn't kick you out of ketosis!

  • No added Sugar
  • No grains
  • No Soya
  • 100% Vegan
  • Full of good fats